A chat with… Joey Bearbower

Having first posted Joey’s work in 2015, we’ve seen him grow into one of Instagram’s most original typographers.  Using his innovative artwork to motivate others he’s grown an audience of over 20,000. Here we chat to Joey about his motivations, the future of his work and the importance of standing out.

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Your type is instantly recognisable thanks to the methods and objects you use to create your playful type pieces. Why does stationery play such a key part?
Honestly, I was thinking of ways to stand out against the crowd and I have not seen anyone do what I have done with my recent creations. I thought I would give it a try and it’s seemed to work out for me so far.

Why is standing out so important?
In order for your message to be heard you need to stand out.

Well you’ve certainly succeeded in being heard! Your work has a playfulness in its look and content, where do you get your ideas from?
After my “erase series” I was thinking of what I could do next, or what I could add to compliment that style and I thought of using office supplies to form letter shapes. I sat at home imagining what letters I could form with certain office supply objects and would make notes of it. Once I had my notes and ideas gathered I then started focusing on what words I could form with the objects and took it from there.

And as for the motivational quotes, is this a recurring theme that you try to work into your work?
Yes, I always try to incorporate motivation into each of my pieces. It’s something that I am very passionate about.

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Do you think using motivational quotes makes your work more sharable?
I am not too sure if it makes my work more shareable or not. My main focus is to simply put out a positive message in this world because you never know who needed that little bit of motivation or spark. If I can reach out and help just one single person then I feel like what I am doing is worth it. It’s never about the likes or shares. It’s about helping others realize their potential and making the most out of life.

Tag someone who thinks about things too much 🤔 By the always epic @joey_bearbower

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And you are definitely doing that for all of the right reasons! So you’ve done your eraser series, then onto stationery, where next?
That’s a great question! And I have no idea

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What’s the best way to keep track of your future work? And if people want to get there hands on your work, where can they get it from?
The best way to keep track of my future work is to follow me on Instagram @joey_bearbower and if anyone would like to get their hands on some of my products you can find them on my website at joeybearbower.com

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